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Bulk SMS

All In One Bulk SMS Service For Business. We are a business text-messaging service for sending notifications & SMS marketing campaigns.

Welcome to the best powerful and easy to use SMS platform…With continuous technological advances and innovations, internet services have become an essential part of products marketing and other services. We, at Jaipur also known as DIAL ME 24 a Unit Of RR DIGITAL SERVICES (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. offer various services under one website for benefits of the customers all over the India. This is because, we offer a unique perspective as well as point of view that enable us for the formulation as well as offer a distinctive array of solutions, services as well as strategies for the benefit of your company.

DIAL ME 24 a Unit Of RR DIGITAL SERVICES (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. provides a web based bulk SMS interface to all its users and resellers where they can send messages to unlimited number of mobile devices, the list of mobile numbers can be in form text file,.csv or manually entered.

Why Is Bulk SMS Marketing Effective?

Personalization. With the help of modern technologies, the text of a message can contain the recipient’s name or the name of their company. Almost everyone received SMS reading a subscriber.

One of the cheapest way of communication with prospects and clients.

There are no bounces. Even if a subscriber is unavailable, they will receive SMS as soon as turn on a phone.

Allows reducing expenditures for advertising.

You don’t need special skills to send SMS campaign.

Campaigns Deliver very quickly.

Allows increasing sales and customers’ loyalty.

To send SMS campaigns, Our company offer marketing services, supplying it with your mailing list. Then you can decide upon the text of SMS and discuss payment terms and conditions. Besides, a great advantage is the choice of pricing plans for SMS campaigns. For the first time, you can have a free plan to test the service.